NINDS INSPIRE Workshop 06/20/2013 to 06/21/2013
6001 Executive Blvd
Bethesda, Maryland
United States
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General Information

NINDS invites all interested stakeholders in the neurological research enterprise to attend

Improving Neurological Subject (and Provider) Participation In the Research Enterprise -
A Workshop

The Mission of NINDS is to reduce the burden of neurological disease in the public, a mission that requires clinical trials and studies that are completed in a reasonable amount of time and with an adequately powered sample to answer the important questions facing us. 

The Institute of Medicine has identified lackluster recruitment and retention to clinical trials as a major threat to the clinical research enterprise, a threat that should be addressed from many angles, including more patient-centric study design, improving awareness, advocacy and education to enhance and enlarge the clinical research workforce. 

This is the first NIH/NINDS workshop to address a major concern in clinical trials in neurology: facilitation of adequate and efficient recruitment and retention through optimal study design, communication and recruitment strategizing and site management and administration.

This workshop brings together the expertise and experience of relevant stakeholders in the neurology clinical research enterprise, including study investigators, coordinators and project managers, data managers, statisticians, clinicians, advocates and patients, as well as NINDS program staff. 

INSPIRE attendees: 

  • Have been successful at implementing different types of clinical studies in neurological disorders
  • Have led or participated in studies that have encountered difficulty recruiting and/or retaining study subjects
  • Have learned from their mistakes and successes and are willing to candidly share those experiences and lessons with others
  • Are skilled in the use of new tools and technologies or interested in learning more about them from those who have used them
  • Are open to engaging with all relevant stakeholders in the neurological research enterprise
  • Are interested in participating in the development of solutions to the challenges facing the neurology clinical research enterprise

       Workshop attendees will leave the workshop inspired with tools, ideas and new ways of thinking about clinical research in neurology that can be immediately implemented in their daily work.