Poster Session


SCI2020 Poster Session

The purpose of the poster session is to share ideas and research resources and to encourage new cross-discipline collaborations.  Investigators are highly encouraged to avoid submitting abstracts or using posters created for other research meetings, as these may be overly narrow in scope or contain jargon that is not generally understood outside of the research specialty.

Abstract Submission Instructions: 

Abstracts are due January 15, 2019; Abstracts must be no more than 500 words in length and must be written in lay language (for the public).

Space is limited (48 posters total).  Abstract submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness based on the elements listed below. If there are more abstracts submitted by the deadline than space allows, decisions will be made by the NIH Steering Committee with the goal of ensuring representation of a broad range of research and resource topics and considering investigator career stage.  Authors will be notified by January 31, 2019.

Submission Instructions: Please download and complete the application form available here and email it to with the subject line “SCI2020 Abstract Submission”. You should receive a confirmation email within 72 hours.

Posters may be submitted within one of the following categories:

       Lab Overview (provides general information about the central questions tackled by the lab, primary technique(s), and lab members) – format most appropriate for junior faculty.

       Research Project (should include long-term research goals and indicate areas where additional expertise would be helpful) -- format most appropriate for specific projects from senior faculty and trainees.

       Topic Review (should include similar information as a research project, but include broader questions/areas for future investigation) – format most appropriate for meta analyses, literature reviews, advocacy groups, etc.

       Research Resource (should include information on: what the resource is for, who can use it, how to learn more about it, how to register/obtain it) – format most appropriate for investigators or non-profit organizations with a tool or resource they wish to increase awareness about.

SCI2020 Poster Format Instructions:

All posters should include the following components:

1.      Title, name(s), affiliation(s)

2.      Research question/goal* of project/tool/topic review, described within the context of the ‘big picture’, written in lay language

3.      Lab/project goals brief description of the current project status (what has been done or is in progress?), and next short-term steps (what will be done in the next 1-2yrs?).

4.      Project team (lab members, project members, oversight committee, etc) [pictures encouraged]

5.      Approach/methods or information on how to use/obtain the resource (should have very little text, and lots of images or graphics!)

6.      Challenges (1-3 bullet points to highlight a resource gap, technical gap or knowledge gap that would help the project/tool move forward). 

7.      Key results or project/tool highlights

8.      Opportunities for collaboration/training/registering

9.      Social media and/or other contact information

Posters should be no more than 6w x 6h feet in size and all text should be legible from 3-4 feet away.

 *We recommend including on the poster a large center section where you can clearly see:
                      THE BIG PICTURE IDEA

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