RX Catering Lunch Box


Total Cost: ~ $16.77

All orders must be completed by 4:00 P.M., December 15, 2017 


1.      Go to the Rx Catering link: http://www.rxcateringdc.co

2.      Select “Soup and Sandwiches”

3.      Select Quantity: 1

4.      Click on “Check Out Cart” (upper right-hand corner; you may have to scroll down to see the icon)

5.      Review Order and Select Checkout

6.      Complete Contact & Shipping Info

a.      enter your email address

b.      enter your name

c.      enter the shipping address: 45 Center Drive, Bethesda MD

7.      Select Delivery Option: NIH - $3

8.      Complete Order Information

a.      Delivery Date: December 18 and/or December 19 (you must complete a separate order for each day)

b.      Time: 11:30 am

c.      Point of Contact: Toya Rogers

9.  Make your Selections in the “Anything else you want us to know” section

a. Enter type of sandwich (turkey, chicken salad, tuna, ham, or veggie) and bread (croissant, focaccia or wrap)

b. Indicate beverage selection: water, coke, diet coke, ginger ale, sprite or orange Fanta.

10.   Provide Payment Info & Submit Order

If you have any questions, please contact Rx Catering directly at (703) 535-6955  or via email at dcmetro@rxcatering.net

Version: 2.0.0