Discussion Topics


FITBIR’s Evolution

§  What do you view as the strengths and weaknesses of FITBIR?

§  How might we enhance FITBIR to meet your needs and expectations (e.g., data federation)?

§  What resources or tools might be leveraged to enhance FITBIR?

Assessing FITBIR’s Strategic Plan

§  Recommendations for 3 top scientific goals or deliverables for FITBIR

§  Prioritization of research questions supported by FITBIR

§  How should FITBIR measure success?

Best Practices for FITBIR Community Use

§  How might we enhance or establish collaborations and reduce concurrent and competitive hypothesis testing using FITBIR?

§  Can the Data Sharing Agreement be enhanced to support FITBIR’s goals?

§  How can FITBIR be best used to maximize available research funds?

§  How can we promote the use of common data elements and case report forms?

Version: 2.1.0