Name Title Organization City State Country
Anderson-Erisman, Kim Dr Case Western Reserve University Cleveland OH United States
Basso, Michele Dr The Ohio State University Columbus OH United States
Boninger, Michael Dr University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA United States
Cernich, Alison Dr NIH/NICHD/NCMRR Bethesda MD United States
Chernesky, John Mr Rick Hansen Institute Vancouver BC Canada
Collinger, Jennifer Dr University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA United States
Contreras-Vidal, Jose Dr University of Houston Houston TX United States
Courtine, Gregoire Dr EPFL-Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne Geneve Switzerland
Dulin, Jennifer Texas A&M University College Station TX United States
Field-Fote, Edelle Dr Shepherd Center Atlanta GA United States
French, Jennifer Ms Neurotech Network Saint Petersburg FL United States
Guest, James Dr The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis Miami FL United States
He, Zhigang F.M. Kirby Neurobiology Center Boston MA United States
Jakeman, Lyn Dr NIH/NINDS Rockville MD United States
Kennelly, Michael Dr Carolinas Rehabilitation Charlotte NC United States
Khan, Joetta Dr Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Gaithersburg MD United States
Koroshetz, Walter Dr NIH/NINDS Bethesda MD United States
Krause, James Dr Medical University of South Carolina Charleston SC United States
McTigue, Dana Dr Ohio State University Columbus OH United States
Moritz, Chet Dr University of Washington Seattle WA United States
Morrow, Melissa Dr Mayo Clinic Rochester MN United States
Mulcahey, MJ Dr Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia PA United States
Munro, Barry Mr Canadian Spinal Research Organization Toronto ON Canada
Noble, Linda Dr University of Texas at Austin Austin TX United States
Pfaff, Samuel Dr Salk Institute La Jolla CA United States
Pinto, Vivek Dr FDA Silver Spring MD United States
Popovich, Phillip Dr Ohio State University Columbus OH United States
Rabchevsky, Alexander Dr University of Kentucky Lexington KY United States
Rodreick, Matthew Unite 2 Fight Paralysis Minneapolis MN United States
Shields, Richard Dr University of Iowa Iowa City IA United States
Simard, Marc Dr University of Maryland School of Medicine Baltimore MD United States
Sofroniew, Michael Dr UCLA School of Medicine Los Angeles CA United States
Spungen, Ann Dr JJP VA Medical Center & Mount Sinai Medical Ctr Bronxville NY United States
Tom, Veronica Drexel University Philadelphia PA United States
Whetstone, William Dr UCSF San Francisco CA United States
Wudlick, Rob GUSU2Cure Paralysis Excelsior MN United States

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