Name Title Organization City State Country
Allegretta, Mark Mr National Multiple Sclerosis Society New York NY United States
Bartek, Ronald Mr FARA Annandale VA United States
Bliss, Geraldine Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation Houston TX United States
Brown, Lawrence Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia PA United States
Bruijn, Lucie Dr ALS Association Washington DC United States
Burnett, Barrington Dr Uniformed Services University Bethesda MD United States
Csimma, Cristina Dr Csimma LLC Lincoln MA United States
Dickinson, Susan Ms AFTD Radnor PA United States
Dishman, Eric NIH ROCKVILLE MD United States
Dunn, Billy Dr FDA Silver Spring MD United States
Frazier, Margie Dr Batten Disease Support and Research Association Columbus OH United States
Furlong, Patricia Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy Middletown OH United States
Hieshetter, Janet Ms DMRF Chicago IL United States
Johnson, Nicholas Dr University of Utah Salt Lake City UT United States
Koschnitzky, Jenna Dr Hydrocephalus Association Bethesda MD United States
LaRocca, Nicholas Dr National MS Society West Bath ME United States
Law, Kiely Dr Kennedy Krieger Institute Baltimore MD United States
Morris, Jill NINDS Silver Spring MD United States
Pariser, Anne Dr NIH NCATS Bethesda MD United States
Roberds, Steven Dr Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance Silver Spring MD United States
Schneeman, Kristin FasterCures Washington DC United States

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