General Information

The 2019 NIH-Japan-JSPS Symposium

Advances in Inflammation Research

Lipsett Ampitheater, Bethesda, MD, USA

Monday, October 28, and Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The NIH and the Japanese biomedical research communities have a long history of collaboration and cooperation on scientific matters. To further promote these mutually beneficial interactions and training activities, a joint NIH-Japan-JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) symposium will take place at the NIH Bethesda campus on October 28-29, 2019. The main theme of this symposium will be "Inflammation," focusing on various aspects of inflammation research from NIH and Japan. A major goal of this symposium is to promote the career development of young scientists. NIH staff and trainees, as well as interested individuals from outside NIH, are invited to register and attend.

The symposium consists of four parts: (1) plenary sessions by prominent investigators, 7 from NIH and 8 from Japanese universities/institutes in the Lipsett Amphitheater, (2) a special session related to the damage caused by the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake, (3) poster presentations by young scientists in one of the FAES classrooms in Building 10, October 28, and (4) a career workshop in the NIDCR conference room in Building 30 on October 29. In 2017, we had a joint NIH-Japan-JSPS symposium in Sendai, Japan to enhance ongoing recovery efforts in biomedical research in the areas affected by the Great Tohoku Earthquake. This year's symposium represents a continuation of this effort.

We will have a tour of the Clinical Center for scientists and students from Japan to introduce NIH and its mission as the biomedical research center in the US. Individuals interested in participating should contact a member of the organizing committee. 

Organizing Committee

Shioko Kimura (NCI) and Reiko Toyama (NICHD), Co-Chairs
Tomoko Ikeuchi (NIDCR)
Jeffrey Kopp (NIDDK)
Yosuke Mukoyama (NHLBI)
Keiko Ozato (NICHD)
Pamela Gehron Robey (NIDCR)
Wei Yang (NIDDK)

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