General Information

This workshop is being held to discuss issues on institutional change and transparency in pursuit of enhancing the diversity of the neuroscience workforce. It is a follow-up to two previous workshops: one in 2016 to identify successful approaches to recruit, train, and retain diverse individuals in the neuroscience workforce and a second in 2017 to discuss the issues, misconceptions, and barriers that currently exist in neuroscience graduate admissions programs with regard to diverse trainees.

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The 2019 workshop goals are:

1) building alliances between individuals who are actively engaged in addressing issues surrounding workforce diversity and individuals engaged in neuroscience training;

2) identifying opportunities and sharing successful approaches for more effective institutional change;

3) fostering dialog around institutional approaches to interventions targeted at critical transition points along the career path, such as entry to and persistence in training programs (undergrad, grad, and postdoc) and hiring and retaining diverse faculty; 

4) providing training to administrators of neuroscience R25 and T32 training programs on how to implement institutional change around diversity and inclusion at their institutions; and

5) receiving feedback on how NINDS programs and policies can catalyze institutional change around a diverse neuroscience workforce. The attendees will be neuroscience graduate program directors, directors of neuroscience undergraduate research programs, and experts in diversity and inclusion.


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