General Information

Welcome to the "Understanding TBI in Women" Workshop!

Organized and sponsored by: NINDS in collaboration with CNRM, NCMRR/NICHD, ORWH and DVBIC

What is the purpose of the "Understanding TBI in Women" workshop?

The "Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury in Women" workshop will bring together researchers and clinicians to identify knowledge gaps, best practices, and target populations in research that focuses on females and/or sex differences within the field of traumatic brain injury (TBI). 

Women are under-represented in TBI clinical trials, and the reasons for this disparity in enrollment need to be identified and addressed.  In addition, pre-clinical studies have often excluded females or have used ovariectomized rather than intact animals, leading to an incomplete understanding of TBI in females.

This workshop will focus on the existing knowledge regarding sex differences in TBI research and how these differences can be incorporated in pre-clinical and clinical efforts going forward.  Deliverables from the workshop will include a White Paper that can be converted into a journal publication that describes the conference, outlines the state of the science, and identifies future directions for research.

VideoCast of Understanding TBI in Women Workshop Day 1

VideoCast of Understanding TBI in Women Workshop Day 2

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