Post-Traumatic Epilepsy: Models, Common Data Elements and Optimization

08/10/2020 - 08/11/2020


Post-Traumatic Epilepsy: Models, Common Data Elements and Optimization
Neuroscience Building

6001 Executive Boulevard
Bethesda, MD 20892-9535
August 10-11, 2020

   Chairs:  Claudia Robertson, MD PhD (Baylor) and Aristea Galanopoulou, MD PhD (Einstein)


August 10, 2020   Download Meeting Agenda       


7:00 AM         Registration and Badging                                   

8:00 AM         Welcome                                                    Walter Koroshetz, Director NINDS

                       Introduction and Challenge to Audience  Meeting Chairs

8:30 AM         Remarks from Other Interested Parties   (ILAE, EFA, AES…)


PTE:  The Clinical Picture                               Moderator:  Paul Vespa

9:00 AM         Epidemiology of PTE                                 Nathalie Jett (MT Sanai)

9:20 AM         Review of Current Data                             Geoff Manley (UCSF)

                        And Biomarker Collection             

9:40 AM         Challenges for Clinical Studies of PTE     Pavel Klein   (Bethesda)

10:00 AM                      Break


Ongoing Research Efforts in PTE                  Moderator:  Laura Lubbers

10:30 AM       Overview of EpiBios4Rx                             Pete Engel    (UCLA)

10:50 AM       Overview from the VA                                 Paul Rutecki (Wisconsin)

11:10 AM       Overview of CURE                                      Lauren Harte-Hargrove (CURE)

11:30 AM       TRACK TBI and PTE                                  Ramon Dias-Arrastia (Penn)

12:00 PM                   Working Lunch                                 Presenters and Moderators


Pre-Clinical Challenges (Models)                  Moderator:  Lisa Coles

1:00 PM         TBI Models:  What are we modeling          Ed Dixon (Pitt)

1:30 PM         Higher Complexity Models                         Victoria Johnson (Penn)

2:00 PM         What Constitutes a valid model of PTE     Asla Pitkännen (E. Finland)

2:30 PM                         Break


Pre-Clinical Challenges                                  Moderator: Neil Harris

3:00 PM         Current state of Preclinical CDE’s             Neil Harris (UCLA)

3:30 PM         Optimizing Preclinical Biomarkers             Aristea Galanopoulou (Einstein)

4:00 PM         Optimizing Predictive Value P-C Data      Terry O’Brien (Melbourne)

4:30 PM         Breakout Session I: Optimizing Preclinical Studies to better model clinical observations:  Moderators:  John Wolfe and Aristea Galanopoulou.

6:00 PM         Adjourn


August 11, 2020

7:00 AM    Registration and Badging                               

8:00 AM    Welcome and Review of Previous Day       Meeting Chairs

            (Address by other parties (NIH, DOD, CURE, etc.)

8:30 AM         Review of Breakout Session


Challenges of Large Datasets               Moderator:  Linda McGavern

 9:00 AM        NIH Strategic Plan for Data Science                    Susan Gregurick (NIH)

 9:20 AM        Translating Biological Data into Binary Data        Art Toga         (USC)

 9:40 AM        User Friendly, Searchable Databases                  Zack Grinspan (Cornell)

10:00 AM       Analyzing Large Preclinical Datasets                   Adam Fergusen (UCSF)

10:20 AM       Panel Discussion (Handling Large Datasets)

10:40 AM                     Break


PTE: Improving the Clinical Picture     Moderator: Uzma Samadani

11:00 AM       Optimizing Clinical Biomarkers of PTE      Paul Vespa   (UCLA)

11:20 AM       Annotating Clinical Data                             Satya Sahoo (Case Western)

11:40 AM       Optimizing Clinical Studies                         Nico Moshe   (Einstein)

12:00 PM                   Working Lunch

            Session II       Optimizing Clinical Studies to Prevent PTE

                                    Moderators:  Geoff Manley and Pavel Klein

2:00 PM         Regroup and Review of Session II. 

2:30 PM         Challenges Going Forward

3:00 PM         Adjourn


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